Pro-Palestine protest held outside BBC headquarter

Pro-Palestine campaigners have gathered outside the BBC office in London on February 18, condemning the corporation’s news blackout on reporting the plight of Palestinian hunger strikers.

(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - The demonstration, which was organized by the London-based Islamic Human Rights Council (IHRC) and Innovative Minds (inminds) condemned the broadcaster for enforcing a reporting blackout on any coverage of Palestinian hunger strikers.Two Palestinian political prisoners named Samer Al-Issawi, and Ayman Sharawna have been refusing food for almost seven months to gain release from Israeli regime’s detention centers.Samer, who has been on hunger strike for 200 days, is said to be in a critical condition.Protesters were holding banners and flags in solidarity with the Palestinian prisoners, reading “Free Samer and all the Palestinian prisoners held illegally by apartheid Israel.”Some other placards said, “200+ days without food, 200+ without a mention" and “200+ days of hunger strike yet not 1 mention on the BBC”.British activists staged an earlier protest on January 11 outside the BBC building, calling the corporation to end its biased approach toward the news coverage of hunger strikes.After nearly five weeks, however, they have not received a reply or an acknowledgement of receipt of the letter from the corporation. /129

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