Photo Description of Norwegian Shia Physician Dr. Ali Linstad's Services who is the Victim of Zionists Conspiracy

Royal National Medal awarded Dr Trond Ali Linstad for meritorious services rendered to people, has been withdrawn due to three allegations against him that he criticize the racist ideology of Zionism, supports the Islamic Republic of Iran, and that he opposes gays and lesbians. Oslo Mayor Fabian Stang was supposed to make the royal award on behalf of King Harald, but the medal was withdrawn under Zionist pressure that forced the royal palace into this scandalous behavior. Dr Linstad was awarded Norway’s silver medal for services to immigrant communities and children that reside in the Urtenhagen locality outside Oslo.

Trond Ali Linstad (born 11 December 1942) is a physician, Norwegian member of General Assembly of Ahlul Bayt (a.s) World Assembly and prominent person in the Muslim community in Oslo and Norway.

Trond have traveled to Egypt, Turkey, Syria, India, Pakistan, Myanmar and African countries. In the 1970s, was politically active in the Marxist-Leninist movement.

In his mid-twenties on the propagation of Zionists for holocaust which encouraged European youth serve on Israeli kibbutz, Dr Linstad joined them where he discovered firsthand the racist attitude of Zionists and left there.

In 1970 he traveled to Jordan via Beirut and worked as a volunteer doctor in the refugee camps and the countryside during Black September, the civil war in Jordan. He was from 1977 to 1986 chairman of the Palestine Committee, and in this connection he was often in the Middle East. 
He converted to Shia Islam and took the other first name Ali.

Dr. Ali Linstad established the Urtehagen Islamic Foundation for religious, cultural and social activities.

Establishment and administration of the only Islamic kindergarten in Norway with about 280 children (along with Quran classes, foreign language, computers, sports and one day camps).

Dr. Linstad established the first Islamic Shia elementary school with 500 students (the school curriculum is like other Norwegian public schools with Islamic environment and teaching Islamic Studies).

Establishment of Urtehagen high school for immigrant girls.

Establishment of children farm.

In this farm there are animals like horse, sheep, gout, lama with the aim of creating a safe and secure environment for children.

Other aim of the farm is to make children away from the stress of urban environment.

In Dr. Linstad’s schools the students are from different races – native and nonnative – learn together in happiness.

“Our aim is to develop them as Muslims, and at the same time teach them about the Norwegian society. This is in our opinion, good integration” Doctor Trond Ali Linstad stressed his purpose of working for children, adolescents and young people.

Daily broadcasting religious program on Oslo radio and television (his TV programs, is the only Islamic TV program in Oslo).

Holding rallies and protests in support of the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon and Palestine.

Norwegian Royal National Medal in gold and silver is awarded for meritorious services rendered to people way beyond the call of duty.

Royal National Medal award withdrawn from a Norwegian Shia due to the pressure of Zionist lobby Royal National Medal awarded to him by Kind Herrold V of Norway for meritorious services rendered to people way beyond the call of duty, however has been withdrawn the next day.

The cartoon was published in Norwegian media after withdrawing the medal from doctor Linstad:
Medals will be awarded to those who are dumb!

People condemned Royal Palace’s decision to withdraw Dr. Ali’s medal. Norwegian got familiar with Linstad’s thoughts when it broadcasted in the media.

Dr. Ali! You do not need the Zionists’ medal. You have received your medal from the kids, women and men who you have done your best for them…

Allah saves you for the poor …

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