Britain - Ilford Muslim primary school warns of extremism threat

IMPRESSIONABLE primary school children are being warned of the threat of falling into a life of extremism in an award-winning Muslim school.

According to Ahlul Bayt News Agency (, Al-Noor Muslim Primary School has won a national award for community cohesion for their work in tackling extremism and dispelling "myths" about the Muslim culture.

Proud headteacher Someera Butt warned: "There is a small minority who preach extreme ideas and we do not want the children to fall into that way of life.

"We teach children to be positive members of society and prepare them for later life so they do not go along with the ideals of these people.

"We give children a sense of accountability for what they do in life, and they know that God will judge them."

The award was given by Association of Muslim Schools, who were also impressed with Mrs Butt's approach to establishing links in Redbridge.

She said: "There are a lot of misconceptions and myths about the Muslim community and our community event Meet Your Muslim neighbour helps to dispel these.

"Every year we hold an exhibition and invite everyone to meet the teachers and children."

"People learn about what we teach and what we do outside of school, and it gives our children the opportunity to mix with others from a Muslim and non-Muslim background."

The children make visits to old people's homes in the borough and are part of the Friends of Goodmayes Park action group.

Mrs Butt added: "The children love visiting the homes. It gives them the chance to realise that age is not a barrier when making new friends and they learn about the respect and dignity older people need and deserve.

"It can be a very moving experience."

School watchdog Ofsted said the school "provides its pupils with a good education and caters effectively for their needs".

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