Indonesian Sunni cleric: “Muslim countries follow Iran to stand against the US”

A prominent Indonesian cleric praised Iranian nation for standing against the United States and demanded all Muslim countries to follow Iran in its perseverance in front of the US.

(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - Sheikh Omar Shahab, Head of Indonesia Ulima Assembly lauded the resistance of the Islamic Republic of Iran against world arrogant powers while some other Muslim countries follow the colonial powers of the world, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).He noted the challenges of Iran against the P 5+1 as an honor for the Muslim world and said, “Islamic Republic of Iran, quite bravely, stands against world arrogant powers and hinders the realization of the plans of the world powers and Zionist regime.”This Sunni cleric also praised the increasing achievements of the Iran in nuclear technology and highlighted the support of the Indonesian nation for Iran.He also stressed the necessity of Muslim country’s resistance against the US and Zionist regime and noted,” Islamic countries have to stand against world arrogant powers and do not let the US and its allies to interfere in the domestic affairs of the Islamic communities or stonewall their developments.”Sheikh Omar Shahab slammed excommunication of Shia and Sunni Muslims by Wahhabi scholars and called them ignorant people who have nothing to do with Islamic teachings.“These people hurt Islam due to their prejudice against Shia and Sunni Muslims.” said the head of Indonesia Ulima Assembly warning against Wahhabi scholars as a threat for the world of Islam.He demanded Muslim communities to stand against their common enemies and said,” The US, Zionist regime and their allies are the shared enemies of all Muslims and Muslims have to maintain their unity against their enemies.”Indonesian Sunni cleric noted that the enemies are fully aware of their incapability against Muslims and that is the reason they prevent the solidarity of Muslims. /129

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