Bangladesh “Islami Education Center” Condemns Desecration of the Holy Quran in Afghanistan

Bangladesh “Islami Education Center” condemned desecration and burning of Holy Quran by NATO forces in Afghanistan.

(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - Islami Education Center of Bangladesh released the following statement to condemn desecration and burning of Holy Quran by NATO forces in Afghanistan.

“… and they who act unjustly shall know to what final place of turning they shall turn back” (26:227)

When awakening in the Muslim world is clearly observed and unity and solidarity among the different sects of the Muslims and voice are raised against unprecedented oppression and tyranny, at the very moment desecration and burning of the holy Quran by the U.S. and NATO forces obviously a pre-planned conspiracy.

In is not the first time that the holy Quran has been desecrated, an American priest also threatened to burn the holy Quran before.

We suppose America and Europe are administering attack on Islamic world in two ways:

1.       Military and political invasion and cultural interference where Iraq, Afghanistan and other Islamic countries have been the victims of these heinous acts.

2.       Attack on Islamic sacred places and to desecrate them.

We in joint statement strongly condemn these detestable and heinous acts and stress the Muslim world to condemn and raise their voice against such blasphemous incidents just as self-respected Muslims of Afghanistan have proved that they would never tolerate any blasphemous act against the holy Quran and religious sacred places. And those Islamic government who without protesting these heinous and blasphemous act have kept themselves silent are also criticizable.

Syed Ibrahim Khalil Razavi, the Principal of Islami Education Center, Khulna, Bangladesh.

Syed, Syed Reza Ali Zaidi, the Principal of Howza-e-Ilmia Sahbuzzaman(a.s.), Klalishpur, Bangladesh.

Mirza Md. Amanullah, the President of Anjuman-e-Panjatani, Khulna, Bangladesh.

Mohammad Iqbal, the Secretary of Anjuman-Panjatani, Khulna, Bangladesh.


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