Chinese publishers printing Quran with spelling mistakes

Copies of the Holy Quran published in China are littered with spelling mistakes, says an official from the Organization of the Holy Quran.

(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - Several Iranian publishers have been sending their copies of the Quran to China for the publication, only to have them come back home with spelling mistakes, Director of the Department of Evaluation on Publication of the Holy Quran affiliated with the Organization of the Holy Quran Ahmad Haji-Sharif said in a press release here on Monday.

These mistakes have also been observed in Chinese tableaus that bear holy verses of the Quran, he said, adding, “These tableaus are made quite cheaply in China but are sold for much more than they are really worth to make that much more profit.”

If a customer finds out that the actual value of a tableau is, for example, 10 times less, he would most certainly prefer to purchase an Iranian product with better quality bearing no mistakes.

“We Muslims also believe that those who are involved with the Holy Quran should perform ablutions first before touching the holy verses and the pages of the Quran,” he added.

He continued that Iran enjoys high quality printing presses and publishing firms inside the country, with almost 1,000 Quran publishers working here, “so why should we send our publications outside Iran?”

“I must admit also that the Holy Quran has been inscribed with over 60 different types of inscriptions by Iranian masters of calligraphy, which is rare in the world. There are also over 100 different translations available inside the country,” he stated.

Haji-Sharif asked import companies to refuse to bring these types of products into the country from China.


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