Philippine - Shia Masjid and School left Incomplete Yet !+ PICs

Philippine, Zamboanga City - the Project of building the Masjid Imam al Mahdi (as) and Madrasah Ahlul Bayt (As) left incomplete, unfortunately.

Philippine, Zamboanga City - the Project of building the Masjid Imam al Mahdi (as) and Madrasah Ahlul Bayt (As) left incomplete, unfortunately.

According to Ahlul Bayt News Agency (, the masjid had a very old wooden building. Approximately two years ago, someone came and pledge funding for reconstruction of the building which houses the Masjid and Madrasah. Unfortunately after economic crisis the donor left without a word. The work on the masjid/madrasah which was almost 10% done was left with unfinished columns and beams. For the last approximately two years the Jumaat Prayer had been put on hold. The 50+ students have been living in the unfinished building and studying.  

The whole project cost 15.5 Million pesos which is approximately US$337,000. The amount that had been raised is approximately US$144,000 which is still US$193,000 short to complete the project. The project is undertaken by the Ahlul Bayt Philippines Islamic Assembly headed by Hujjatul Islam Haj Sheikh Denil Anawari.  

Why is it important that this project is supported?

This is the only school that educates the youths to become religious leaders and guidance in the Philippines. There are approximately 50 male and 30 female students presently in the school. Since the students come from various cities and islands which are far away, they live and study in the masjid compound. For more than 14 years the school has produced few hundred students who have become teachers and preachers. This contributed to the enormous growth in number of converts to Shiasm.

There are now approximately 8 centers of activities in around Zamboanga City. Small activity centers in the form of rooms and small masjid. The students from the madrasah are mobilized to teach in these centers. Classes for children and adults are conducted. In a center in San Antonio there is only a small room which serves as a classroom. There are three classes the 7-8pm, 8-9pm and 9-10pm classes for the different age groups. Sometimes the class is occupied by the 7-8pm class while the children for the 8-9pm and 9-10pm classes were already waiting outside the classroom waiting for the 7-8pm class to end and start their class. 

some photos of this Shia Center:

The Masjid/Madrasah in Zamboanga City, the Philippines

Sheikh Denil Anawari in front of the Masjid/Madrasah compound

Students taking a brother

Sheikh Melgani Salih conducting lesson

Activity Center (room) in San Antonio * 7-8 PM class

Children from 8-9pm class stand waiting


New converts to Shia in a small masjid in Labuan, Zamboanga City, Philippines


New Madrasah building to be acquired by the committee


Masjid/Madrasah demolition (restart of construction) April 2010


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