World Muslim scholars moot rejects violence

 World Muslim scholars moot rejects violence

Fifty noted Muslim scholars and leaders of Islamic movements from 30 countries have reaffirmed their pledge of peaceful preaching of Islam and refraining from violence for the cause.

LAHORE, Pakistan: Fifty noted Muslim scholars and leaders of Islamic movements from 30 countries have reaffirmed their pledge of peaceful preaching of Islam and refraining from violence for the cause.

They also expressed their full support to all Muslim freedom and resistance movements against the occupant forces including Palestine, Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. They warned against foreign intervention and conspiracies in the Muslim countries being orchestrated from outside the borders and cautioned that its continuation would arouse revenge, terrorism and extremism across the world.

They strongly condemned Israel’s plans for demolishing Al-Aqsa mosque and build Temple of Mount at its place, Zionist forces’ atrocities against unarmed Palestinian civilians and decade long siege of Gaza.

These leaders had come to Pakistan to attend Jamaat-e-Islami’s three-day convention at Minar-e-Pakistan. They issued a communiqué after a meeting here Monday, chaired by JI Amir Sirajul Haq, which discussed pressing problems facing Muslim world. The communiqué reiterated that Dawah in Muslim societies would be carried peacefully, avoiding violence, but reaffirmed that change in Muslim world was only possible through peaceful, ballot means.

Expressing full support to Palestinians’ right to reclaim their lands, resistance against occupant Zionist forces and their right to self-determination, the communiqué stressed that Palestine is the basic issue of entire Muslim world, and demanded opening of Rafah border and ending siege of Gaza.

It also extended full backing to Kashmiris freedom struggle against Indian occupation and implementation of the UN Security Council resolutions. It condemned genocide of Muslim population in Syria and criticised double standards of the world bodies which only made lip service against a 40-year dictatorship bent upon wiping out Muslim population.

The communiqué condemned the military coup and genocide of Islamist population in Egypt by a military dictator who threw away elected government, jailed and executed elected representatives. It saluted the glorious sacrifices of Egyptian people against military dictatorship and demanded the world to support them in their cause.

Regarding death punishments and execution of JI leaders in Bangladesh by controversial war crimes tribunals, the communiqué strongly condemned Hasina Wajed’s Dhaka administration for violating international treaty and victimising innocent people despite that all HR bodies and world institutions rejected both the trials and charges against the victims.

It also called for world help for Burmese Muslims against the genocide, committed by fascist regime. It also demanded the Arab rulers end victimisation and baseless accusations against political rivals and innocent people, and respect their right to freedom of speech.

The noted participants of the conference included Advisor to Sudanese President Prof Abdul Rahim Ali, Ali Jawish and Faisal Ahmad M Eid, from Jordan Ikhwan chief Dr Hammam Said, Jameel Abdul Kareem and Sahem Abdel Raheem, from Malaysia president PAS Abdul Hadi Awang, speaker Kalantan province Abdullah bin Yakub, Dr Azman Nawawi and Muhammad Faiz bin Md Nawi, form Turkey president Saadat party Dr Mustafa Kamalik, Tamil Karama Allah, Hasan Yasrar and Najmuddin, Amir JI India Maulana Jalaluddin Umri, Dr Raziul Islam and Gohar Iqbal, state minister of Maldives Muhammad Didi, Sec Gen of Muslim Brotherhood Egypt Dr Mahmood Hussain and Mahmoud El Abiary, Mustafa Ibrahim Monir from UK, Dr Khalid Alodaimi from KSA, from Lebanon Ibrahim Misri, Yaseen Hamouda, and Hasan Fareja, from Tunisia Sadiq Ali Shouro, Sh Omar Yahyawi and Nasiruddin Ben Hamouda, from Iraq Zaid Shafeeq M Al Rawi and Omar Algburi, from Afghanistan Molvi Sarfraz, Dr Gherat Baheer, Nasir Ahmad Nawidi and Molvi Shahzad Shahid, Dr Mehmood Jan from Tajikistan and M Faris from Sri Lanka.


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