Pakistan: 91 Muslims Martyred in a Suicide Attack and a Car Bomb Blast in Quetta

At least 91 people including near 60 Shiites were martyred in a suicidal attack and a car bomb explosion in Quetta, capital city of Baluchistan province on Thursday night 10.1.2013.

t(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - At least 91 people including near 60 Shiites were martyred in a suicidal attack and a car bomb explosion in Quetta, capital city of Baluchistan province on Thursday night 10.1.2013.
The suicide bombers detonated him near Punjabi Imam Bargah on Alamdar Road, a Shia majority area in Quetta city.
“First suicidal attack was conducted and then a car bomb exploded on Alamdar Road,” CCPO Quetta Mir Zubair Mehmood said.
More than 200 Shiites have been injured in the two terrorist attacks, police and rescue sources reported.
Bodies and the injured were shifted to nearby hospitals. Many of the injured embraced martyrdom succumbing to the fatal wounds. The deceased included 9 police cops including a DSP and SHO police. The spokesman of the FC was also martyred. Reporter and camera man of Samaa TV channel also died of terrorism.
Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen’s secretary general Allama Raja Nasir Abbas Jafri and Hazara Democratic Party announced three-days mourning to express solidarity with the victims of the terrorism. Chief Minister Balochistan also announced three-days mourn. Allama Sajid Naqvi also condemned the terrorism in Quetta.
The CCPO Quetta Mir Zubair Mehmood vowed that the police would fight terrorism till the last drop of the blood.
Shia Muslims across Pakistan have demanded of the government to launch a military operation to eliminate terrorists and terrorism.
Pakistan and in particular Pakistani Shiites fall victims to the excommunicator terrorists such as Taliban, Sipah-e-Yazeed and Lashkar-e-Jhangvi.

The names of some of martyrs have been ascertained as.


1-Kamran Ali S/o Haji Jaan Ali
2- Shabeer Ahmed s/o Naseer Ahmed
3- Abdullah S/o Bostan Ali
4- Qurban Ali S/o Dedar Ali
5-Syed Ahmed S/o Syed Musa Jaan
6- Ali Raza S/o Mohammad Shareef
7-Ramzan Ali  S/o Mohammad Abrahim
8- Mohammad  Jafer (SHO)  S/o Mohammad Afzal
9- Mohammdad Ali  S/o Ahmed Ali
10- Monawwer Hussain  S/o Ali Madad
11-Syed Muzaffer  S/o Syed Eessa
12- Basharat  Ali  S/o Ghulam Nabi
13- Sadaqat Ali  S/o Ghulam Nabi
14- Syed  Meesam  S/o Syed Zakir Shah
15- Wajid Hussain  S/o Ghulab Hussain
16- Zaheer Abbas  S/o bostan Ali
17-Mohammad Mehdi  S/o Hussain Bakhash
18-Mohammad Murtaza  S/o Ghulam Rasool
19- Abbas Ali (Hashim)  S/o Mohammad Ali|
20- Liaqat Ali  S/o Hussain Ali
21- Nazir Hussain (Police)  S/o Mohammad Nabi
22- Abrar Hussain  S/o Ghulam  Hasan
23- Kerbalai Ashraf  S/o Kerbalai  Mohammd Mosa
24- Mohammad Ali  S/o Ishaq Ali
25-Irfan Ali  S/o Ishaq Ali
26- Mohammad Hasan   S/o Moahmmad  Musa
27- Mujtaba Hussain  S/o Abdul Aziz
28- Shahid Abbas  S/o Khudadad
29-Mirza Hussain  S/o Mohammad Ishaq
30- Shah Hussain  S/o Rehan Shah
31- Zeshan Haider   S/o Mohammad Raza
32- Habib Allah  S/o Mirza  Ghulam Hussain
33- Ahsaan  Ali  S/o Ghulam Haider
35- Murtaza Baig  S/o Mustafa Baig
36- Mohammad Arif  S/o Ali Hasan
37- Haji Pervaiz  S/o Haji Mohammad Taher
38- Jamshaid Ahmed  S/o Basheer Ahmed
39- Irfan Ali  S/o Muneer Mohammad
40- Zahid Hussain
41-Mohammad Ali (lala)  S/o Mirza Ghulam Nabi
42- Imdad Hussain  S/o Najaf Ali
43-Khadim Hussain  S/o Najaf Ali
44- Nasir Hussain  S/o Najaf Ali
45-Jamshaidd Ahmed  S/o Ghulam Hazrat
46-Mirza Iqbal Hussain  S/o Mirza  Ghazenfer Ali
47- Syed Anwer Agha  S/o Syed Asgher Shah
48-Haji Ali Ahmed   S/o Mohammed Sarwer
49- Syed Dawar Haider Naqvi  S/o Shahid Abbas Naqvi
50- Syed Sajjad Akber  S/o Syed Ali Akber
51- Abdul Hameed   S/o Haji Abdul Qayoom
52- Tayyab Hussain   S/o Haji Tahir Hussain
53- Noor Ahmed  S/o Faiz Mohammd
54- Haji Muzaffer Ali  S/o Mukhtar Ali
55- Ali Nawaz  S/o Ali Akber
56- Asad Ali  S/o Haji Aziz
57-Mohammd Adrees  S/o Abdul Hadi
58-Mohammad Hashim  S/o Mohammad qasim
59- Arif Hussain  S/o Mohammad Jawad

Sit in in Quetta enters fortieth consecutive hours as scores of thousands of believers are converged on Alamdar road to protest against the prevailing lawlessness and targeted martyrdom of tens of people in quick succession. There have been reports of sit-ins and protests from the entire length and breadth of the country. In Karachi, alone, sit in was continuing at five different places till late in light with the ones at Malir 15 (National Highway) and Nomayesh Chowrangi capturing maximum attention. Similarly people are braving intense cold and continuing sit in in front of Punjab Governor House to express solidarity with Quetta people. In Multan Sit in is being staged in Nawaan Shehr, in Sialkot at Sublime Chowk, in Nawabshah at Parahtah Chowk. 

Not just in Pakistan, but even outside of Pakistan, tens of people residing in different places are expressing their solidarity with the families of the martyrs of Alamdar Road Quetta.

Ulemaa nd religious scholars have requested people to continue staging sit-ins across the country in solidarity with people of Quetta. Effectively three provincial capitals are witnessing hours long consecutive sit in, besides other cities across the country. Quetta's people protest has exceed forty consecutive hours, in punjab's heart Lahore, people are staging sit in continuously for hours in front of Governor house. In Karachi, Pakistan's financial hub and Sind's provincial capital, sit ins are being staged at multiple points.

At Islamabad  a massive sit in at Faizabad interchange will resume at around 11 am.

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