Day of “Arabic: Language of Quran” Commemorated in Armenia

(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - The representative office of the UN in Yerevan, the Republic of Armenia, held a ceremony to commemorate the Day of “Arabic: the Language of the Quran.  The program was held on the occasion of Arabic Language World Day on December 18.  Embassies of Egypt and Syria in Armenia, experts, university lecturers and students of the State University of Yerevan, University of Russia and Armenia also cooperated in holding the program.  The role of Arabic language in Islam and status of the language at international interactions and its importance in introducing Arab cultural and historical heritage were the issues investigated at the program.  In addition to about 300 million Arab speakers in the world and about 40 million people whose second language is Arabic, there are many others who learn the language to be able to read and understand the holy Quran./129

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