Jewish official reveals Bahrain King's daughter treated in Israel

The Deputy Minister of Regional Cooperation in Israel said that Bahrain King's daughter had visit Israel, secretly, to undergo a medical surgery.

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - The Deputy Minister of Regional Cooperation in Israel, Ayoub Kara, revealed to Israeli newspaper Haaretz, that he was the reason behind the visit of Jewish rabbis delegation to Bahrain a couple of weeks ago. He added that the delegation met with officials in Bahrain.

According to Al Mayadeen news website, Kara indicated that Bahrain King's daughter had visit Israel, secretly, to undergo a medical surgery. He also emphasized that Israel had relations with almost all Gulf States.

On this level, the Israeli official told Haaretz, that behind closed doors, and not on the surface, none of the Arab countries is concerned with the Palestinian issue, indicating, "The Arab states are concerned with themselves and their existence, fearing Iran. Therefore, there is no notion to start a new political operation."

Moreover, Kara said, "Because of the Iranian threat, relations between the Arab states and Israel will be developed after Donald Trump enters the White House. There will be a deal between these countries over a defense mechanism, anti-terrorism apparatus, and an anti-Iran apparatus, which includes Israel."

In response to a question concerning how such ties and relations could be developed, the Israeli official said that a few years ago, I secretly brought to Israel the daughter of Bahraini King to undergo a medical operation. He added, "Since that time, we started contacting them. With time, they appointed a Jewish woman as Bahraini Ambassador to the US, and she is part of a 37-individual community. Today she became a Minister in the Bahraini Ministers Council."

"We have representatives in Abu Dhabi, we also have very good ties with Morocco, and with almost all Gulf states and regional countries, like Jordan, Egypt, and Turkey, and they better than ever," he went on to say.


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