Bahrain: Al-Wefaq Makes an Urgent Appeal for Saving Lives in Al-Eker

Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society in Bahrain made an urgent appeal to the international community and all human rights organizations around the world for taking swift action to save lives of Bahrainis in Al-Eker area, south of Manama.

(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) -  Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society in Bahrain made an urgent appeal to the international community and all human rights organizations around the world for taking swift action to save lives of Bahrainis in Al-Eker area, south of Manama.

Yet, Al-Eker is subjected to an official systematic terrorim.

Al-Wefaq called for an impartial committee for inquiring to look into what has been happening on ground since two days and still.

"This appeal is to all whom has a human conscience and can do anything to stop the horrific abuses against the people in Bahrain. It is to all concerned international bodies to take urgent measures pressurizing the Bahraini regime to stop the organized and systematic attack perpetrated by the regime against an important segment of citizens in Bahrain. The forces are implementing a collective punishment policy against Al-Eker in particular, with no legal or humane deterrents".

Al-Wefaq emphasized that "Al-Eker area is completely besieged from all sides. No one is allowed to enter or go out. Only, the regime forces are there indiscriminately raiding houses; vandalizing and smashing private properties. Also, the forces verbally abused, harassed, severely beaten citizens. They defamed and disrespected the religious beliefs of the attacked families. The residents in AL-Eker; including elderly, children and women; are living in terror due to the repeated violations perpetrated by the forces. There is a kind of curfew; similar to "Emergency Law" times last year; with all of its dark and horrifying memories for the people in Bahrain. Such arrogant security measures can't be applied with no orders from senior officials".

The residents in AL-Eker have been banned from going  to work for two days. They have been also banned from walking  out for any reason or any  emergency case. They have been banned from going to  hospital seeking medical treatment, especially for those who are critically injured. Even basic food supplies were banned from entering  the area. People can't have bread, drinks or food from outside. The cleaning services are stopped. Human rights defenders and political figures are also banned from entering Al-Eker. We express our grave concerns about the situation inside this brutally besieged area; where many human rights violations are continuously being reported from the residents", Al-Wefaq added.

"The regime's helicopter is also participating in the crackdown that the regime undertaking against the peaceful residents of Al-Eker. Civilian cars hired for the regime forces are attempting to run over any person tries to walk out of his/her houses.  Many have been tortured and severely beaten".

"Updates indicate that more than 40 houses have been raided so far. Some of the houses have been raided for more than once; vandalizing their properties and practicing outrageous violations against the inhabitants".

"It is so noticeable that home raids are arbitrary, vindictive and without a judicial warrant. Many women are reported to have fainted and collapsed. Three of them are elderly who fainted during their homes were barbarically raided".

"The fate of all those who have been arrested is still unknown. This increases their families' concerns over their lives. Seven citizens have been arbitrarily arrested and the number is increasing as long as the regime forces are imposing the security cordon and indiscriminately raiding homes; since Friday 20th October, 2012 and still."

"As the regime forces besieging Al-Eker village, the people there stressed that the regime forces prevented the people from going to the mosques to do their prayers. The forces asked the mosques attendants to close down. Another mosque in the same area is reported to have been vandalized by the police".

"The ongoing crackdown on Al-Eker is happening after the Ministry of Interior allegedly announced the murder of a policeman in an incident that the MOI broadcasted a controversial video about it. Obviously, the regime is accusing the people of Al-Eker of killing the policeman; which clearly reveals the vindictive attitude that regime has against the people; but nobody else. However, the MOI is not eligible to conduct any investigation to reveal the truth, which makes it so essential to have an independent impartial commission to conduct such investigation and to conduct investigations in others violence crimes perpetrated by the regime forces. Those crimes led to have more than 100 citizens killed ironically by the same people who are now perpetrating the most outrageous violations against an entire residential area."


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