US suppresses Bahrainis citizens through Al Khalifa proxy

A prominent human rights activist says the US supports the brutality of the al-Khalifa regime who suppresses the aspirations of the people of Bahrain.

(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - Bahrain has been witnessing a revolution since mid-February. Scores of civilians have lost their lives, many under severe duress from the al-Khalifa regime who are accused of inhumane torture in prison, and death by poisonous tear gas said to be supplied by the US. Thousands of protesters have also been arrested, while seeking justice and the downfall of the al-Khalifa regime. We have conducted an interview with Husain Abdulla, Bahraini human rights activist, to further discuss the issue. The following is a transcription of the interview. Q: Over a year into this revolution and the crackdown continues. Why do the international community and mainstream media keep-on failing the people of Bahrain? Abdulla: Because there is a clear double standard. The value of human rights and democracy are never taken on a [straight run]. There’s always an agenda behind it. The United States is not supporting the aspirations of the people of Bahrain towards self-determination, democracy, justice in the country because they are basically in bed with the al-Khalifa regime. The al-Khalifa regime is doing all the dirty work for the Western powers like the United States and the UK in the Gulf region. So why remove a regime or weaken a regime toward democratic reforms that basically are saying, ‘yes, sir’ to the West all the time? It’s never about democracy or justice. It’s all about whether such a regime is a [friend] to the West or not. And of course, the al-Khalifa regime is nothing but a puppet to the super power. And the media is controlled by these countries. Even the United Nations is controlled by these countries. So the people of Bahrain are not going to get justice or recognition by the international community. They have to do it through the ‘self-way’ and that is relying on their self-preservation and their resiliency to reach their ultimate goals. Q: With the regime continuing to deny the majority of the Bahrainis their rights and barely any international censure, what has kept the people going throughout the year -- we saw one just one funeral procession after another? Abdulla: Well the reason is their cause. When people believe in their cause and people aspire freedom and they want to live free, there is no power that can stop them. And this is what I think the West has failed to understand. Despite the fact that they are supporting the regime whole-heartedly by weapons, by money and by avoiding international pressure on it, people are not going to be discouraged. People are not going to feel they’re not getting the support from the international community or the international media. They’re going to continue their march towards freedom because they decided either they’re going to live free or basically die free. And when you have a nation like that especially in Bahrain, it’s just impossible to silence this nation. Q: It seems there is somewhat of a stalemate between the protesters and the regime. Where do things go from here? Abdulla: You hear from time to time whenever the regime comes under a lot of pressure from the people rumors about dialogue, about reconciliation pops up here and there; however, all these efforts or all these news of efforts are rumors because this regime has committed enough crimes that, in my opinion, is just impossible to be lived with. There is no way the people of Bahrain are going to agree to live with a regime who in cold-blood have killed so many innocent and tortured so many thousands and imprisoned thousands of people. So this is going to continue until one party wins. And I can tell you with confidence, and history has taught us that eventually people will prevail.


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