University of Chicago to hold symposium on Shia Studies

University of Chicago to hold symposium on Shia Studies

The University of Chicago’s Shia Studies Group plans to organize a symposium on the theme of Shiism and governance.

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - According to the university’s website, the symposium will be held on May 12-13, 2017.

Papers submitted to the event may focus on both modern and pre-modern subject areas and might address—although by no means are limited to—such topics as the following: Historic Shia notions of leadership and what constituted the authority of the Islamic ruler; Shia beliefs of the Imamate and the Caliphate regarding governance and political responsibilities; Modern Shiʿi scholarly thought and the various political positions of Twelver Grand Ayatollahs towards governance; Polemic debates between Shias and other thought schools on the theory of proper Islamic rule; Political Islam, mass movements, and the modern state; Sectarianism, communal relations, and the state in the modern Middle East; Comparative studies on approaches towards governance between different Shia groups such as the Zaydis, Twelvers, Ismailis and Alawis in historical and modern contexts.

Presenters will be requested to present for 15-20 minutes followed by additional time for moderated discussion between panelists and the audience.

Abstracts of around 300 words along with a CV should be submitted by February 24, 2017.

The University of Chicago Shia Studies Symposium is an endeavor of the Shia Studies Group, established in 2010, to provide an interdisciplinary, non-area-specific forum for the discussion of research on Shiism by faculty and graduate students at the University and beyond, the website says.

The annual symposium aims to strengthen the field of Shia Studies by bringing together a group of both senior and early-career scholars to present research and to cultivate an environment for intellectual discussion and collaboration.


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