Muslim girl 'discriminated' for wearing 'hijab' at Chicago school

The parents of a Muslim student said their daughter was discriminated against when a teacher sent her to the office for wearing traditional Muslim headwear- 'hijab'.
(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - School authorities, however, said the teacher was only following school policy regarding hats and head coverings.

Attia Gray, 15, a sophomore at the Hammond Academy of Science and Technology, said her teacher looked at her leopard-print hijab and told her she couldn't wear it. When she refused to take it off, citing religious purposes, she was sent down to the office, reports the Sun Times.

Principal Sean Egan said Attia had not worn a head covering all year so the teacher sent her to the office for clarification on the school policy. Egan said the school has no problem with the head covering. Its policy pertains to baseball caps and other headwear.

The explanation didn't satisfy Attia's parents, Kitten and Derrick Gray, who moved to Hammond from Chicago about three years ago. They sent a letter complaining to the charter school's sponsor, Ball State University in Muncie, Ind., seeking an investigation into the incident and cultural diversity training for school staff, as well as an apology.

The Grays say Attia was ridiculed by other students after the teacher sent her to the principal and singled her out for wearing the hijab, considered a symbol of modesty in the Muslim religion.

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