ABWA's message on demise of Zainabiyya mosque's Imam in Istanbul

ABWA's message on demise of Zainabiyya mosque's Imam in Istanbul

Ahlul Bayt World Assembly(AS) Expressed its condolences to the news of the founders of Zainabiyya, the oldest Shia movement in Turkey.

According to Ahlul Bayt News Agency - ABNA – following the demise of Sheikh Hamid Turan, Prominent Shia cleric in Turkey and Imam of the Zainabiyya mosque; Ahlul Bayt World Assembly(AS) expressed its condolences to the Turkey’s Shia scholars for this great loss by issuing a condolence message.

part of the Ahlul Bayt World Assembly(AS) message is as follows: Sheikh Hamid Turan was adorned with piety and was sentenced to prison with some of his friends and colleagues by the Turkish government at the beginning of the glorious Islammic Revolution.

The complete message is as follows:

In the name of God

On the eve of the heart-rending Fatemiyeh period and the martyrdom anniversary of the Holy Prophet’s only daughter, Fatima Al-Zahra (PBUH), the news of Sheikh Hamid Turan, Prominent cleric and the Imam of zaynabiyya mosque of Istanbul’s demise has caused great pain and sorrow.

This active clergyman who was one of the founders of zainabiyya, the oldest Shia movement in Turkey and some other Shia mosques in Istanbul, was adorned with piety.

At the beginning of the Islamic Revolution, he and some of his friends and colleagues were sentenced to prison by the Turkish government for supporting the revolution and Imam Khomeini’s call for justice.

Ahlul Bayt World Assembly(AS) expresses its condolences to Shia scholars in Turkey specially Hojjat-al Islam Mr. Sheikh Salah al-Din Ozgunduz and the family of the deceased and implores God Almighty for patience and great reward for everyone. May God set him subject to his great mercy and resurrect him with the pure souls of the prophet and his family.

Ahlul Bayt World Assembly

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