Consequences of Afghanistan's bloody Ashura

Ahlul Bayt (a.s) World Assembly Declaration on the Occasion of Bloody Tasua and Ashura in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq.

... for long years the Wahhabi terrorists, with support from Western intelligence services and some of the Arabic countries to terror the followers of Ahlul Bayt (‘a) in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq.

(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - Following the martyrdom of a large number of mourners of Imam Hussein (‘a) on Bloody Tasua and Ashura in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq, Ahlul Bayt (‘a) World Assembly requests the religious scholars and informed the Muftis to end their silence on these crimes.

Condemning the barbaric acts, the assembly called on the followers of the Ahlul Bayt (‘a) across the world to hold rallies and ceremonies to make the voice of the martyrs heard by the world.

The statement is as follows:

In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Every Day is Ashura’ and Every Land is Karbala’

While the Shia world commemorate the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (‘a) some enemies of the humanity martyred dozens of Afghani Shia in Kabul Mazar-e Sharif and Kandahar as well as a number of other Imam Hussein (‘a) mourners in Pakistan and Iraq.
Due to the depth of the disaster, the Ahlul Bayt (‘a) World Assembly as an international body drawn the world's attention to the following:

1. Under the current sensitive juncture when the Muslims in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Bahrain and Yemen have awakened and usher a new era in their history, the enemies have understood that the secret to victory of the Muslims is their following the teachings of Quran and Ahlul Bayt (‘a) and are trying to suppress them.

2. The enemies of Ahl al – Bayt (‘a) should know that if those who martyred Imam Ali, the Commander of the Faithful (‘a), Imam Hasan (‘a), Imam Husayn (‘a) and today martyr the followers of the Imams think that they attain their objectives, they are in fact weak followers of Yazid who try to put out the light of Allah, rather they pave the way for killing themselves.

3. Though we are condoled losing a great number of our faithful people, the enemies should know that martyrdom in the path of Allah is our ever desire, any drop of blood of martyr irrigates the tree of freedom, resistance and steadfastness stabilize us more in the path of our religion.

4. After years of fighting with colonizing occupants of east bloc, being militarily and culturally attacked by land and air of arrogant west bloc, the oppressed people of Afganistan are still steadfast in their Islamic lofty objectives. The people who lost more than million and millions of disables and homeless in the path of freedom, this time also have not given in, they are comittedly resisting in the path of God, the Prophet (s) and Ahl al – Bayt (‘a).

5.Recently one again proceeding old policy of divide and rule, the enemies of humanity strife to burn the Islamic region in religious and tribal differences Shi‘ah and Sunni Muslim unity and solidarity is the only way to confront the unauspicious policy. Therefore, as the Afgan people have always showed that they have the most co – existence and peace among various sects, it is now also expected that the bloody Ashura events of Kabul and Mazor Sharif may not be changed into a pretext of religious disputes.

6. Taking advantage of backing intelligence services of west states and financial logistic by some Arab governments, the tukfiri terrorists seek to assassinate the followers of Ahl al – Bayt (‘a) in Pakistan, Iraq and Afganistan; but faithful sought patience and have not taken any serious measure to confront them. By unman crimes of current Tasu‘ah and Ashura, it is now feared that the domain of the assassinations is also extended to other states and from now on we shall view the suffered Shi‘ah martyred. Therefore, the community of the followers of Ahl al – Bayt (‘a), freemen and the downtrodden of the world must seek to analyse the ways to stop the crimes and to seriously confront them.

7. Organization so called Western human Rights that claim democracy and human rights and have made a recourse to crackdown real freedom – seekers must answer if they are supporting nations human rights by exerting pressure on their own government, do not stop supporting takfiri terrorists?

8. Though the quick stand of Afganistan authorities, the measure of the president of the country about leaving his diplomatic trip and coming back home are welcome measure, what has brought about the Muslim nation's happiness and healer of the bereaved families the quick punishment of masterminds and serious prevention from continuing the unauspicious process. The objectives will not be realized unless by real ambition of Afganistan statesmen, unity and solidarity of the country's people.

9. The role of Wahabi clerics and the Al Su‘ud Wahabi government's support is very essential in the barbaric crimes. The individuals must know that they are associates in all the crimes, oppressions and shedding blood of the faithful drop by drop; they will be soon accountable before the Messenger of God and punished.

10. Aware, responsible and muftis scholars of states and preacher of various sects in Muslim states who have kept silent versus the crimes must know that all are accountable. The question is until when the scholars want to keep silent? And why the divine rules and decisive opinion of the Prophet Muhammad Mustafa's divine laws concerning the prohibition of attacking on souls and properties of Muslim people and shedding blood of those who pray towards the Qiblah of Muslims are not expressed by them? Why do they not openly denounce  the barbaric deeds and killing the oppressed followers of Ahl al – Bayt (‘a) of the Prophet?

The scholars by their silence must know that they have in fact supported the criminals and are accountable in the presence of God the Almighty.

11. Denouncing the barbaric measure, the Ahl al – Bayt (‘a) World Assembly ask all zealous and committed Muslims the follower of the Ahl al – Bayt (‘a) in particular by issuing a statement, holding speeches and gatherings convey the voice of the oppressed martyrs to the world; they also defend the oppressed followers of Ahl al – Bayt (‘a) via law.

In the end, we express our congratulations and condolence to al – Imam al – Mahdi (‘a), Ayatullah al – Uzma Imam Khamenee, grand religious authorities, Muslims and Shi‘ah in the world, the Afgan, Pakistan martyr – trainer nations, bereaved families on the martyrdom of Husayn mourners, ask God to host martyrs at the table cloth of Sayyid al – Shuhada and reward the survivors. Likewise, it is hoped that God the Almighty heal the injured of the events and by hastening the appearance of His proof, He cures the sufferings of the world downtrodden.

As the people of Ashura of Imam Husayn, we once again shout: No day like yours Aba Abdillah and we and disgrace.

And the wrongdoers will soon know at what goal they will end up.

(The Quran, al – Shura, 227)

The Ahl al – Bayt (‘a) World Assembly

Muharram 11, 1433/ 2011-12-11


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