Committee on Arab Countries: Unpleasant Conditions of Shia in Bahrain Most Significant Topics of the Session

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Unpleasant conditions of Shia in Bahrain and developments in Syria were two most significant topics discussed during the session.

(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - Committee members proposed some practical ways to support Bahrain’s revolution as follows:

  • To take international and diplomatic measures
  • To follow up Human Rights issues via international courts in Geneva and the Hague
  • To utilize available capacities in Muslim countries, particularly Shia countries like Iran, Iraq, and Lebanon
  • To provide supports for the people of Bahrain (financial and material supports)
  • To provide media supports for the revolution of people in Bahrain
  • Other discussed issues in the committee included:
  • Religious crisis (Fitnah) and how to confront it
  • Establishing stronger interrelations
  • Necessity for monitoring Shia satellite channels and other mass media
  • Creating unity among Muslims in the Arab world
  • Respecting diversity of religious sects
  • Being aware of dastardly plots of arrogant powers for creating division and fitnah among Muslims
  • Stressing on the common interest of Shia and Sunnites  

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