A Summary of the Most Significant Matters Brought Up in the Regional Committee of Africa

Another committee that was held on the second day of the 5th General Assembly meeting was the committee on the affairs of African countries.

(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - Representatives from Uganda, Nigeria, Botswana, Congo, Ethiopia, South Africa, and some other African countries pointed out challenges and difficulties in their areas. The most outstanding problems were underlined as follows:

  • There is no ignorance in Africa. What is significant is cultural poverty. So, we must embark on teaching the basic Shia ideology to African people.
  • The most important step for supporting Shia communities (even more important than building mosques) is to dispatch the talented youth to Iran, India, and other countries for higher education. These educated individuals shall then return to their homelands and will teach their younger generation in their local universities.
  • Shia Muslims in Africa should not just pin their hopes to other countries including Iran. They must be dynamic enough to settle the affairs of Shia minority in their mother countries.

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