Violent clashes continue to rock Egypt

Tens of thousands of Egyptians have defied a government ban and taken to the streets across the country to protest against the government of President Hosni Mubarak.

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - Police in Cairo and other major cities have clashed with protesters who demand that Mubarak cede power.

Police fired tear gas, rubber bullets, and used water cannons to disperse tens of thousands of people who joined Friday prayers in a public square in central Cairo.

Reports say security forces have prevented opposition leader Mohamed ElBaradei from leaving a mosque in Giza. ElBaradei has said he would help head a transitional government if Mubarak steps down.

At least nine people have been killed during anti-government protests in Egypt over the past days.

Similar protests are being held in Alexandria, Mansoura, Suez and Aswan.

There have been reports of violence in some areas. The Egyptian government banned Friday prayers at some of the country's largest mosques and arrested several opposition activists.

The government has also blocked the internet and interrupted mobile phone services.

Latest reports say some security personnel have left their posts and joined the anti-government protesters.

Egypt's largest opposition group, Muslim Brotherhood, earlier called on all Egyptians to take to the streets.

A former Arab League envoy to the United Nations says the Tunisian revolution is inspiring the Arab world, which is worn-out by various dictatorial regimes.

In an interview with Press TV, Clovis Maksoud said Tunisia's revolution "is one of the most inspiring events of the Arab world in the contemporary time."

The revolution "is the prognosis by which many frustrated people in various countries -- suffering dictatorship, poverty, and marginalization, are now being empowered," said the former ambassador to the United Nations.


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