Response of Iranian people to foreign sedition _ 3

Video: Mass rally in Iran's Ahvaz to support Islamic Revolution, supreme leader

While the enemies of Islam and Iran magnify the limited protests of a number of young people to unemployment, the Iranian people with support of the supreme leader and the government, broke the enemy's conspiracy.

Earlier last week, some Iranian cities witnessed limited youth protests to the economic and unemployment situation that is normal.


But some opportunists misuses this demands and riots and even a few innocent civilians were killed.


The foreign enemies of Iran, like the United States, Israel and Al Saud, also happily fueled these movements and interfered in Iran's internal affairs.


In response to these actions, the heroic people of Iran once again with a massive presence on the scene, defeated the enemy's conspiracy.


The video indicates reports of rallies of people of Ahvaz that came to the streets in support of the government of the Islamic Republic and the Velayat-e faqih.

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