Christians’ views about Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) published

Christians’ views about Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) published

A book titled “Mohammad (PBUH); Desire of Nations” compiled by Egyptian author Mohammad Abdul Shafi Al-Qawsi was published in Cairo.

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - According to, the 300-page collection covers the views of more than 4000 non-Muslim intellectuals and historians as well as Western priests and monks about the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

It is considered the most comprehensive scholarly book published by Humaithara Publication Institute in the Egyptian capital.

The greatness of the Holy Prophet and the universality of his message in the written works of Western intellectuals and philosophers have been investigated in the book.

The entries of the encyclopedic work include "the first will, the lights of prophethood, what The Bible says about the Prophet (PBUH), the Prophet of Islam in the works of authors, the reasons of prophethood, the messenger of mercy, and the messenger of freedom”.

It contains quotes from such figures as Edward Ramsey, Voltaire, Alphonse de Lamartine, Bernard Shaw, Napoleon Bonaparte, Goethe, and Annemarie Schimmel about the Prophet of Islam.

The author has also mentioned poems by more than 20 Christian poets lauding the last messenger of God.


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