Yemeni army captured a large number of Saudi coalition's soldiers

Yemeni army captured a large number of Saudi coalition's soldiers

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - Colonel Aziz Rashid, deputy spokesman for the Yemeni army allied with Ansarullah, confirmed the escalation of military operations with coalition forces, especially in areas of strategic importance.

In a telephone conversation, Rashed said that the coalition is conducting its operations from the air and when it is docked on the ground with the army and the popular committees, the flight is neutralized. This is where our control is and sometimes the coalition planes bombard. The two warring parties on the ground, because the forces loyal to them is not Saudi or Emirati, he said.

Rashed said that the media does not announce the loss of lives or equipment or those who have been captured. At the same time, we carry out certain operations that no one can deny or ignore.

Rashid explained that the attack on the camp Khalid bin Walid, repeated several times, in attempts to progress within the camp and control because of its strategic importance and symbolic, since it is located between the junction of lines, and between the mountains and coastal plain area of about 12 square kilometers, so there are many hidden places that The aggression does not know anything about them. All they can do is indiscriminate bombardment and sabotage.

We control the camp unchecked, stop their attacks, and even attack them in specific operations.

Rashed explained that the Yemeni army repulsed an alliance’s attack on Al-Wazaya, located in deep areas of Khalid Camp, a strategic area, which was restored during the past period with the backing of the rocket force and the coherent internal front. Our military media records moments of control over Saudi weapons, According to him.


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