Syrian Army establishes full control over Kurdish-held villages / Pics

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - On Wednesday, the Syrian Army officially took control of its first Kurdish-held villages in the western Manbij countryside following a Russian-brokered deal.

While Kurdish militants loyal to the Manbij Military Council departed and Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) departed to Manbij, a Syrian Army convoy entered Kurdish-held territory accommodated by Russian special forces.

Effectively, the Syrian Army imposed full control over the villages of Kur Huyuk, Kurt Wayran, Al-Bughaz, Abu Hayj, and Jubb Al-Hamra.

The Manbij Military Council confirmed the development in a statement on Wednesday evening.

This region, bordering territory held by the Turkish-backed Euphrates Shield Forces, will be manned exclusively by Syrian border guards and the National Defense Forces (NDF).

More villages will be handed over if the deal proves a success for both parties.


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