Russian center: Syrian army never used chemical weapons in Ein Tarma

Russian center: Syrian army never used chemical weapons in Ein Tarma

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - The Hmeimim-based Russian Coordination Center stressed that the Syrian Army has never used any chemical weapons in Ein Tarma in Damascus Countryside.

A Russian diplomatic source said that a number of officers from the Russian Coordination Center were working on Saturday evening in al-Kabbas neighborhood which is adjacent to the village of Ein Tarma and they stressed that no chemical weapons have been used by the governmental forces from this area or from the neighboring area.

On a relevant note, the source said that the Russian side has collected decisive evidence which proves that terrorists are using foreign-made weapons and ammunition in Syria, indicating that the Russian officers took photos of the shrapnel from military equipment and ammunition on the ground along with their serial numbers.

The source indicated that the Russian Coordination Center on Saturday observed 48 cases of firing mortar shells on the neighborhood of al-Kabbas from positions that are under the control of the armed organizations in Ein Tarma village and Jobar neighborhood to the east of Damascus.


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