Israel schemes to annex the occupied territories with US support

Israel schemes to annex the occupied territories with US support

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - Hugely increased arms shipments and loans will likely be the policy of the Trump Administration for a US-armed Israel to dominate the Middle East on behalf of America.

The US Republican President will have the use of billions of dollars in casino funds plus the power of the AIPAC and CFI lobbies in Washington and in Westminster, respectively – both being key players in an international movement to legalise the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights.

Upon completion of the land grab, the Netanyahu government apparently intends to carry out a unilateral annexation of the Occupied Territories whilst contemporaneously expelling the 5 million indigenous Palestinians in a forced transfer from their ancestral lands to new refugee camps in adjoining states of Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan and Syria.

This would signal the commencement of the ‘Greater Israel’ project: an illegitimate expansionist programme that extends from the River Nile to the Euphrates in order to fulfill the Likud Zionist agenda for a nuclear hegemon that would be able to control not only the Middle East but, through its agents and government ministers embedded in the British Parliament and the US Congress, to dictate the global foreign defence and trade policy of NATO, NAFTA, Britain and the EU.

Trump is expected to promise support for the continuation of the settlements and their subsequent annexation as he denies the establishment of a Palestinian state by deliberately rejecting the will of the United Nations in a gross violation of international law.

In direct opposition to the hard-won democratic values for which so many allied forces died in two world wars, this self-interested politician and his backers intend to take the world back to a time of military domination in order to nurture a neo-colonial, nuclear super state that will impose its will upon the political and economic direction of over half the world, which includes the disintegration of Europe.

But only if Britain, Europe, and the UN Security Council, are prepared to allow such a global catastrophe.


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