Israel asks embassies to support Saudi against Iran, Hezbollah

Israel asks embassies to support Saudi against Iran, Hezbollah

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - 24 hours after the Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri announced his resignation, the apartheid entity's Foreign Ministry sent secret instructions to all its embassies in the world so that they spread a message to the international community that it must oppose any participation of Hezbollah in any coming Lebanese government.

According to "Israeli" Channel 10, the directives issued by the ministry are relatively exceptional because they are related to the "internal political issue of another country".

The letter states that "at the request of the Executive Director, we urgently request the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and other relevant authorities to emphasize that Hariri's resignation and the reasons behind it prove once again the destructive nature of Iran and Hezbollah and the danger they pose to the stability of Lebanon and the countries of the region."

"The events in Lebanon and the ballistic missile launch by the Houthis at the international airport in Riyadh require increased pressure on Iran and Hezbollah on all issues, in terms of ballistic missile production and interference," the letter added.


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