ISIS executes 16 civilians for trying to escape from Mosul

ISIS executes 16 civilians for trying to escape from Mosul

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - ISIS terrorists continues killing of civilians who attempt to leave the ISIs-held areas of western Mosul. The group has recently executed 16 people for trying to escape, a representative of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) in Mosul said on Wednesday.

According to Said Mamuziny who spoke to Sputnik on Wednesday, many civilians are dying in the process of liberating the city, as the ISIS militants use them as human shields.

He pointed out that the terrorist group tries to prevent the escape of all civilians, that is why they kill everyone who has tried to flee the areas.

Mamuziny further added that just recently the ISIS terrorists executed 16 local residents who tried to leave the city and go to the safe areas. He explained that the total number of killed civilians who tried to escape from ISIS is 325 only for the month of April.

In addition, the KDP official said that the ISIs terrorists continue using people as human shields, so it is fair to say that the people who remain in those areas are held hostage.

However, the Iraqi forces predict that the operation against ISIS in Mosul is nearing its end, as the Iraqi army continues advancing against the ISIS group.


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