Iraqi Hezbollah warns US against staying in country

Iraqi Hezbollah warns US against staying in country

Presence of the United States forces in Iraq tends to be more dangerous for the country than the Daesh terrorist group, says the military spokesman for the Iraqi Kata'ib Hezbollah.

“Iraq’s main challenge at present time is not dealing with the Daesh terrorist group,” Jafar al-Hosseini said on Monday.

“The US engagement in Mosul and Al-Anbar Province is not solely aimed at putting an end to Daesh terrorists,” al-Hosseini said.

“The Americans want to secure a foothold in region following the withdrawal of Daesh,” he said.

This is what they are closely following to achieve, he added.

The spokesman for the Iraq's Hezbollah Battalion said that the presence of Americans is more dangerous than Daesh terrorists as they have long-term plans for Iraq.

Al-Hosseini warned the US forces against trying to stay in Iraq.

“If Americans fail to leave Iraq, they will be in the crosshairs of the Iraqi Islamic resistance,” he said.


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