Iraqi forces kill 173 ISIS terrorists in storming Mosul neighborhoods

Iraqi forces kill 173 ISIS terrorists in storming Mosul neighborhoods

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - Iraqi forces have stormed four neighborhoods in the city of Mosul on Monday, killing about 173 ISIS militants including one high-rank leader.

Iraq’s anti-terrorism units on Monday have stormed Al-Oraibi and Al-Rifa’i neighborhoods where heavy clashes are still taking place. The country’s “Quick Reaction Force” as well as the Iraqi Army’s 9th Division also entered Al-Iqtisadiyeen neighborhood and the southern and northern parts of July 17 area, considered to be the most dangerous ISIS stronghold.

“We have destroyed 40 booby-trapped cars and killed 173 from ISIS, among them one leader,” the head of federal police said.

Sources also said that 60 ISIS militants have left with their families from the July 17 neighborhood amid the ensuing commotion and clashes.

Hours after storming the July 17 neighborhood, the Iraqi forces evacuated more than 4,000 civilians despite heavy clashes between them and ISIS.

Only a couple of ISIS-controlled neighborhoods are left after 210 days since the start of operation to liberate the northern Iraq city of Mosul.

Iraqi official sources say more than 90 percent of Mosul is liberated. Mosul’s left side is completely liberated while more than 80 percent from the right is ISIS-free.

Mosul is separated by the Tigris River, making the left bank on the eastern side as the left side while the right bank on the western side as the right side.


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