Hezbollah organizes media tour on Lebanon-Palestine border

Hezbollah organizes media tour on Lebanon-Palestine border

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - Hezbollah Media Relations Department organized on Thursday a tour for journalists from Lebanese, Arab and international media outlets to overlook the Israeli defensive measures along the Palestinian-Lebanese border which reflect the enemy’s fear of the Islamic Resistance.

The journalists observed the Zionist posts in several border areas and attended a briefing by one of the Resistance officers who explained the various samples of the enemy measures taken in preparation for any potential attack launched by Hezbollah.

The officer told the journalists that Hezbollah is ready to carry out the Secretary General’s threats to the Zionist army which “moved for the first time in its history to the defense position.”

The Zionist works in the area include changing terrain, constructing cliffs, digging trenches and uprooting trees, according to the Resistance officer.

Hezbollah officer also gave detailed information about the Zionist military deployment in Galilee, which reflects the Resistance intelligence capabilities in the context of the entire confrontation.


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