Curfew in Shebaa Farms:

Hezbollah ghosts behind every tree, rock waiting for Zionist soldiers

Hezbollah ghosts behind every tree, rock waiting for Zionist soldiers

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - It is the trembling curse that hits the Zionist soldiers who are chosen to serve in the occupied Lebanese Kfarshouba Heights and Shebaa Farms.

The zone is one of the toughest border points on geographic, climatic and military levels for comprising valleys, cliffs, high hills, rocks and forests. The area is also covered with fog in most of the days, in addition to including fortified military sites that are linked with military routes passing mainly through forests, and partially appear to the Lebanese side.

Moreover, the area is considered a Lebanese territory occupied by Israeli forces, making it an open area to possible operations by the Islamic Resistance fighters at any time, unlike other border points along the Palestinian and Syrian territories.

All these factors have made Zionist soldiers deployed in the Shebaa Farms live a permanent state of war, considering themselves the loser party at all times due to previous confrontations in the area, which were in favor of the resistance. The Israeli forces know that when resistance fighters decide to attack any post or patrol, or to plant an explosive device anywhere inside the so-called “secure” depth, they succeed most of the times, and the Israeli reaction comes later after counting the casualties and losses.

There is no doubt that such an impression will influence the psychological abilities and the initiative of the occupation forces. Something that the Israeli army has been trying to divert attention from, through raising the dose of its drills, exaggerating the show of force in operating Merkavas and shelling when any doubts emerge that a breach has happened in some place in the occupied farms. Besides, the occupation army has been preceding the shifting and routine movements of its forces by combing the overlooking sites towards the routes that the vehicles shall pass over with medium and heavy submachine guns. This all happens in parallel with unstopping deployment of spy drones and sometimes helicopters, depending on the importance of the moving convoy.

Moreover, Shepherds, who walk with their herds to some areas along the blue line in Shebaa Farms and Kfarshouba Hills, expose a source of concern for the Israeli forces serving in the sites spread along the confrontation line.

The Zionists consider that the shepherds aren’t but monitoring devices for the resistance, no matter whether they are young or old. Therefore, the plan to set ambushes for shepherds is one of the Zionist army’s priorities. And recently the occupation army has intensified its attempts to detain shepherds and kidnap their herds even if this required breaching the blue line, and that what always happens in the Saddaneh, Berket al-Naqqar, Bustra and Jabal al-Shahl. However, the occupation forces often fail to capture the shepherds due to the latter’s experience in escaping after successive Israeli attempts. Occupation soldiers, hence, take revenge by retaining numbers of the cattle to extort the Lebanese side and demand to drive the shepherds away.

As for the dawn and morning fog on the heights and highlands occupied by the Israeli enemy, there is another story. First of which is the nightmare of the resistance men’s ghosts behind the trees and the rocks. The Zionist soldiers protecting their spots chase those ghosts with heavy fire, under a complete curfew all over the occupied territory! Not to mention, they spend hard times with the breakdown of tracking and thermal monitoring devices, as well as lack of vision of cameras, something that prompts the artillery to shell all forests and areas surrounding their spots and military routes until the nightmare is over, to be followed with a nightmare of waiting. It is because the fog would have carried some “undesired guests”!!

The scene repeats almost on a daily basis in the high occupied mountains overlooking the Arkoub villages, especially that there are areas along the blue line that are not covered with barbed wires or iron barriers, making it easier to infiltrate through the occupied territory. The reason why the enemy didn’t establish barbed wires in Shebaa farms, echoing those on the border with the occupied Palestinian territories, is that the occupation implicitly feels it is leaving the Shebaa Farms and Kfarshouba Hills sooner or later for they are Lebanese territory.

Until the last Zionist soldier is moved out of a land whose people seek to clean it up from the occupation with all possible means, occupation soldiers who desecrate this land will remain a legitimate target, and they will remain terrified, concerned and horrified.

You (Zionist soldiers) shall be waiting for the angels of Rudwan* whenever wind blows… whenever fog reigns… You shall be waiting, until you see their ghosts behind every rock and behind every tree.

*: Rudwan is the nom de guerre of Hezbollah’s senior military commander, Hajj Imad Mughniyeh.


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