Hezbollah denounces terrorist crime against Shia pilgrims near Damascus

Hezbollah denounces terrorist crime against Shia pilgrims near Damascus

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - Hezbollah condemned the atrocious, terrorist crime which targeted on Saturday morning the secure, innocent civilians near the Syrian capital Damascus and claimed dozens of martyrs and wounded from the visitors of the holy shrines.

In a statement issued on Saturday, Hezbollah said that “this heinous crime which targeted peaceful Muslims proves that the involved terrorists are far away from Holy God and His Prophet and that their takfiri creed resorts the religion to cover murdering the believers everywhere.”

The statement added that the takfiri thought is based on rejection the other and contradicts the divine teachings, calling on uniting the efforts to eradicate the takfir gangs which are employed by international and regional forces to carry out their schemes to fragment the region and exterminate the spirit of resistance.

Hezbollah stressed that such crimes will never be able to eradicate the spirit of the religious attachment to the Holy Family of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and will not prevent the believers from visiting their holy shrines.

Such crimes can never block the inevitable victory of the Syrian people and leadership over all the forms of terrorism, the statement added.

Hezbollah finally offered deep condolences to the families of the Iraqi martyrs, the other visitors and the Syrian civilians at the crime scene, hoping the wounded will have a speedy recovery.

Around 40 martyrs (mostly Iraqis) and 120 injured were claimed on Saturday by twin terrorist blasts which rocked southern Damascus.


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