Five Saudi-led Sudanese troops killed by Yemenis

Five Saudi-led Sudanese troops killed by Yemenis

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - Yemeni Army and allied Houthi Ansarullah fighters have foiled an inroad by Saudi-allied mercenaries in southwestern Yemen, killing a number of the Sudanese troops among them in the process.

On Wednesday, Yemen’s al-Masirah television network said the allied forces had confronted the troops as they were trying to advance on al-Naar Mountain in the Yemeni port city of al-Mokha.

The counterraid, which involved the Army’s firing a Qaher M2 ballistic missile at the mercenaries’ gathering in the area, also destroyed seven of their vehicles.

Sudanese Army Spokesman Ahmad Khalifah al-Shaami, meanwhile, said five Sudanese servicemen, including an officer, had been killed and 22 others injured. The official did not specify the circumstances surrounding the deaths, their location, and date.

Sudan has been assisting Saudi Arabia in its invasion of Yemen. Riyadh began pounding its impoverished southern neighbor in March 2015 to reinstate its former administration, which used to be radically inclined towards the kingdom.

The offensives have killed thousands of Yemeni civilians and pushed the country to the verge of a man-made famine.

Also on Wednesday, it was reported that Saudi warplanes had bombarded various areas across Yemen for more than 30 times over the previous 24 hours.

The areas targeted during the forays included Harad District in the northwestern Hajjah Province, Monabbih District in the neighboring Sa’ada Province, the city of Safyan in Amran Province, which borders both Dhubab District in the southwestern Taiz Province and Sirwah District in the central Ma’rib Province.


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