Pres. Rouhani in phone call with Lebanese counterpart:

We will not hesitate to help boost stability in Lebanon

We will not hesitate to help boost stability in Lebanon

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - In a telephone conversation with the Lebanese president, President of the Islamic Republic of Iran described relations between Tehran and Beirut very friendly and developing and reassured that the Islamic Republic of Iran would always stand by the Lebanese people and would not hesitate to help strengthen stability in this country in any way.

Dr Hassan Rouhani said on Tuesday night: “The Islamic Republic of Iran has always favoured the maintenance of peace and stability in countries of the region, including Lebanon”.

“Without a doubt, today the great Lebanese people will be able to pass through this new sedition with tact and will not allow Lebanon to become a battlefield for foreign powers and an opportunity for the terrorists to re-emerge,” said Rouhani adding that the Lebanese people, including political groups and representatives of religions and tribes, have consistently succeeded in overcoming great problems.

Referring to the remarks by President of Lebanon on peace and stability in Lebanon and the people's vigilance with regard to the issues, Dr Rouhani said: "Undoubtedly, with your management, tactfulness and valuable experiences and vigilance of the Lebanese people and army, stability in that country will be successfully maintained”.

The President of Lebanon also called for development and deepening of relations between Tehran and Beirut in the fields of mutual interest to the two countries.

Michel Aoun also referred to recent developments in his country and the resignation of Prime Minister Saad Hariri and said: “The current situation is difficult, but peace and stability are still in place in Lebanon and people are fully aware of these developments”.

"In general, Lebanon and the Lebanese are in peace in spite of some very weak voices that want to create tensions in Lebanon," he said.

The Lebanese president also expressed hope that he would make an official visit to Tehran at an appropriate time.


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