Tehran Friday prayers leader calls for amity to replace competition following Iran elections

Tehran Friday prayers leader calls for amity to replace competition following Iran elections

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - Tehran's provisional Friday Prayers Leader Ayatollah Mohammad Ali Movahedi Kermani said on Friday that presidential campaign debates and competition are over and it is time for friendship.

Addressing thousands of worshipers in Tehran, he said we enjoyed security, dignity and commitment to the rule of laws in all elections and those attempted to violate laws got a very serious slap in the face.

Referring to the presidential candidates’ campaign, the senior cleric said, “Presidential debates and competitions are over and now it is time for friendship, brotherhood, sincerity and cooperation.”

The next president should fully obey the Supreme leader’s remarks in deeds and not in just words, he said.

You should respect the Islamic Revolution and its values as they have not been gained easily, he said addressing the next president of the country.

The next president should be able to resolve the problems of the people through fighting against poverty, corruption and obeying the Supreme Leader, the senior cleric added.

Referring to the country’s Armed Forces, he said they should be heeded with respect as they are the indication of the country’s strength.

Movahedi Kermani stressed the need for strengthening the defensive power of the country arguing that the arrogant powers have no mercy in dealing with weak nations.

“Enemies’ attack cannot be prevented only with talks,” said the cleric stressing that a strong power of détente is very effective for protecting the country and its sovereignty.

He further criticized signing of the “disgraceful” document called the UNESCO 2030 Education Global Agenda by Iran saying it was a document imposed on Iran by the United Nations and the UNESCO.

He said that the “hushed acceptance” of the 2030 Agenda by the government was a “big catastrophe” and “treason”.

“The West should know that such defective and destructive documents [2030 Agenda] will be torn out in Iran,” Movahedi Kermani said.

Referring to the issue of this year’s Hajj ritual, he advised Iranian officials to take into consideration what was recently published in cyber space and became viral about anti-Iranian comments of an “atheist” Saudi Friday Prayer leader.

He said that the Iranian Hajj pilgrims have felt serious concerned about their safety during this year’s Hajj congregation after they heard about that a Friday Prayer leader of Mecca has encouraged in a recent sermon the Saudi nationals to kill and rape Shiite Muslims.

Movahedi Kermani said that Officials should remove ambiguities and concerns of this year’s Hajj pilgrims.

Referring to the situation in Iraq, the senior cleric said latest news indicated that Iraqi and Syrian armies have made remarkable advances in the fight against Daesh terrorist group and that liberation of the city of Mosul is very close.

He congratulated Iraqi and Syrian governments for their successes.

As for the present situation in the US, the cleric said, the US is now suffering from a president that the country’s intellectuals have doubts on the soundness of his mind and are now mulling to sack him from the office, he said.

All hopes that the one who governs the US to know the fact that all stupidity in backing and supporting Zionist regime and the Saudi rulers will back fire and bring humiliation for the US administration and will bring them to the edge of collapse, Movahedi Kermani said.


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