Sunni clerics: Takfiris, Salafis, ISIS are followers of Satan

Sunni clerics: Takfiris, Salafis, ISIS are followers of Satan

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - Sunni Muslim scholars declared that Daesh, Salafis and Takfiris are followers of the Devil.

The Sunni religious scholars said, “It is necessary that people get familiar with the view of religious scholars about these deviated groups who are arrogant powers’ mercenaries.”

Bukan Friday Prayer Leader Abdulrahman Khalifezadeh believes that Daesh is an enemy of Islam and it has been established to destroy unity among Shia and Sunni Muslims.

Takfiris reject all sects of Islam and they disregard the opinions and beliefs of other people, he noted.

Salaheddin Hajizadeh, another Sunni Muslim scholar said that Takfiris do not have proper understanding of Quran and Sunnah.

Takfiris are not accepted among Sunni Muslims, he added.

Another Sunni cleric Seddiq Javadi underlined the importance of informing Muslims about the dangers of associating with Takfiri groups.

Rahim Bikas, another Sunni preacher believes that Salafis have a plan to deviate Muslims from the right path of Islam.

Mohsen Aslani, another Sunni religious scholar also said that Takfiri and Wahhabi groups are not authentic followers of pure Islam.

Rahman Eskandari, a Sunni priest says Salafi and Takfiri groups have no benefit for the Islamic World.

Another religious leader Mostafa Kake believes that Salafi and Takfiri groups have been made to prevent spread of Islam in the world.

Interim Friday Prayers Leader of Mahabad Abdolqader Sohrabi said that Daesh, Salafi, Takfiri and Wahhabi groups have been made to sabotage the merciful face of Islam.

Daesh and Saudi dynasty are followers of Satan, he underlined.


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