Saudi coastguards kill Iranian fisherman

Saudi coastguards kill Iranian fisherman

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - An Iranian fisherman has been killed by Saudi Arabia coastguards, an official at the Interior Ministry announced.

Majid Aqa-Babaei, Interior Ministry’s director general for border affairs, told IRNA on Saturday evening that the Saudi coastguards opened fire on the Iranian fishermen who had been pushed off by sea waves.

Two Iranian boats fishing in the Persian Gulf waters had been moved away due to the waves, Aqa-Babaei said, adding that the fate of the other boat is being followed up.

The Saudi coastguards did shoot the Iranian boats while whether the boats had entered the Saudi borders or not has not been confirmed yet, the official noted.

An Iranian fisherman was killed by the Saudi guards shooting, Aqa-Babaei said, adding that their action was against human principles.

The Saudi coastguards were not allowed to shoot, even if they supposed that the Iranian boats had entered the Saudi waters, the Interior Ministry official stressed.

Iran is following up the destiny of the other Iranian boat, said he, adding the following-up process would face problems as Iran does not have an embassy in Saudi Arabia.


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