Pres. Rouhani: We will overcome all problems with people's support

Pres. Rouhani: We will overcome all problems with people's support

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - President Rouhani described the development of Sistan and Baluchistan province as the goal of the government and stressed that he was hopeful of the future of the country.

Speaking at the session of the Administrative Council of Sistan and Baluchistan on Sunday in Zahedan, Dr Hassan Rouhani also said: "The people of Iran and Sistan and Baluchistan province gave a firm response to the malevolent by attending in the elections".

I thank the participation of all people in the province to maintain security alongside the armed forces, said Rouhani adding: "Rescuing over 7 thousand people injured in the earthquake in Kermanshah is a rare case".

"The government, the Army, IRGC and Basij are nothing but a representative of the people," he said, stressing that the relief process of various organs in the earthquake-hit areas was unprecedented.

Dr Rouhani added: "All elites and entrepreneurs need to participate in the development of the province".

Stating that national occasions such as Student's Day, Worker's Day and Teacher's Day are not specific to Tehran, he continued: "Plots were thwarted by armed forces and diplomats".
He added: "Development of Chabahar is a jump start in regional and international relations" saying that developing transit routes means developing national power.

"The amount of reliance on oil should be clear in the budget," he said, adding: "The Chabahar's railway project to connect to Zahedan and Birjand is important for our security and economy".

Stressing that the basis of the government's programme is the development of transit and agriculture, he said: "Sistan Free Zone will be effective for the development of the region".

"We want good and brotherly relations with our neighbours," President Rouhani continued, saying that saving and productivity of water resources is a national necessity.

Developing coasts of Makran and Jask is a decision made by the 11th Administration, stated Rouhani, adding: "Exporting oil from Jask is a strategic decision".

He said that people appreciate generals and shrine-defenders for ensuring security of the region, saying: "We will overcome all problems with people's support".

Free zones and border markets must be the gate of export, the President added, saying: "The 12th Administration is aimed at ending absolute poverty in the country".

"We will have good steps for employment and eliminating absolute poverty in year 1397," he went on to say.


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