Following western Iran earthquake;

Pres. Rouhani tasks 1st VP with mobilising all facilities to rescue Iranians trapped, treat injured

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - Following the earthquake last night in the western regions of the country, in particular in Kermanshah province, President Rouhani tasked First Vice-President Dr Jahangiri to mobilise all the facilities of the country to rescue fellow Iranians trapped under the rubble, as well as to fully treat the injured.

In his order to the First Vice-President, Dr Rouhani wrote: "Following the orders last night to mobilise all available facilities of the country, and in particular neighbouring provinces, for urgent and relief efforts for fellow Iranians trapped under the rubbles, medical care for the injured and supply the needs of the people affected, given to the honourable Minister of Interior, it is essential that with regard to the extent of the painful disaster, which, unfortunately, led to the loss or injury of a large number of our fellow Iranians, especially in Kermanshah province, you manage the issue for full support and mobilise all the facilities of the administration and other public and military institutions, as well as NGOs".


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