Pakistani group visited Astan Quds Razavi economic institutions

Pakistani group visited Astan Quds Razavi economic institutions

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - A 36-person group from Pakistan visited cultivation and industry institute of Nemouneh farm and Razavi dairy products company.

This group included active Pakistani merchants in the area of exports and imports such as fruit, rice, and herbals. This group of merchants has good interactions with Iran.

Referring to the production of 30 million tomato seedlings in greenhouses of this institute, Ali Oreei Zare, supervisor of cultivation and industry institute of Nemouneh, stated, "Some other crops like tomato and vegetable are produced in these greenhouses".

He continued, "All equipment and measures related to the construction of these greenhouses has been carried out by Iranian experts".

Referring to the advantages of dense gardens of Nemouneh farm, Oreei Zare said, "In 1393/ 2014, these gardens were formed on growth bases containing seeds and the density of which is 3900 seedlings per unit area".

Noting that over 48 types of products are produced by Razavi dairy products company, Seyyed Mahdi Talebian, company's manager, added, "This Company has got more than 52 sale representative".

He continued, "These products are exported to Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Iraq and also central Asian countries".

Production of Milk enriched with Vitamin D3 for elderly and children and producing different probiotic health products … were introduced by Talebian as some activities of the company to complete its basket and to increase customers' satisfaction.

Introducing this visit as one containing lots of good achievement, Wali Mohammd, head of the Pakistani group, added, "Our goal is to transfer technology and imports to Pakistan".

The head of Iran-Pakistan Chamber of Commerce continued, "To reach this goal, we are going to return to Iran in the next few months, along with another group for further investigation".


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