Israel behind war in Syria: Iran's Larijani

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - Zionist regime is behind war in Syria and the recent adventures in the region aim to weaken resistance and governments supporting it, Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said on Sunday.

He made the remarks in Majlis (parliament) public session and in reaction to remarks of the Zionist regime Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Zionist regime premier during a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin had set preconditions for establishment of peace in Syria and had questioned Iran’s history.

Larijani said, “Netanyahu distorted the history of ancient Iran; it seems that he has read neither Torah nor history.”

“Of course, one cannot expect an evil Zionist to tell the truth,' he noted.

The speaker added Natanyahu has set preconditions for establishment of peace in Syria and by saying this, he has proved that Syria war is a war against resistance.

Leaders of regional states should dispel any douts on the cause of Syria war after Netanyahu remarks, he noted.

Larijani said that the ongoing adventurist actions in the region are pre-planned to pave the way for the Zionist regime to complete dominance over the region.

The Islamic countries should return to the realities on the ground, he added.

The speaker added that Islamic states should give up dividing regional countries and know that such actions will only pave the way for the Zionist regime dominance.


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