Iran to rebuild Syria's electricity equipment, power plants

Iran to rebuild Syria's electricity equipment, power plants

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - Iranian Acting Energy Minister Mahmoudi told Syrian Electricity Minister Kharboutli that Iran’s efforts to rebuild energy infrastructures in Syria is for the welfare of the Syrian people.

“These contracts are for rebuilding electricity equipment, power plants, and electrical grid of Syria so that better services will be offered to Syrian subscribers,” said Iranian Acting Energy Minister Sattar Mahmoudi on Tuesday.

He made the remarks during the signing ceremony of new agreements between Iran’s Ministry of Energy and the Syrian Ministry of Electricity in Tehran.

“The preparations for putting into practice some of formerly signed agreements were made in the past and some others are related to the past,” said the Iranian official recounting that the total sum of the contracts will hit more than some hundred million Euros.

He then highlighted that Iran’s resources in water and electricity industries make the country able to play a bolder role in rebuilding the war-torn country of Syria.

“Iranian companies are well capable of providing power-plants and energy equipment,” said the Syrian minister for his part, “we hope to be able to use these capabilities for the cause of rebuilding Syria.”


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