Iran condemns Pakistan's Baluchistan terrorist attack

Iran condemns Pakistan's Baluchistan terrorist attack

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi condemned terrorist attack in Shia Hosseynieh in Pakistani province of Baluchistan which killed and wounded a large number of people.

Expressing sympathy with Pakistani nation and government as well as the bereaved families of the victims, Qasemi said that such blind attacks are carried out to create insecurity in Pakistan and fuel the flames of sedition and religious conflicts, requiring vigilance and efforts to maintain unity between the country's government and nation to continue fighting terrorism and uprooting violence from the country.

Death toll from the blast occurred near a shrine in Jhal Magsi District has so far been increased to 18 while the number of wounded reached 22.

Given critical conditions facing the injured, it is likely the number of casualties to be increased.

No group has claimed responsibility for the suicide attack yet, but Pakistan's officials often blame extremist groups such as Baluchistan's separatist insurgent group for such terrorist acts.


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