The International Conference on Capacity and Impact of cyberspace in Promoting Religious Education

Infinite capacity of cyberspace can be used to extend knowledge of AhlulBayt: Dr. Ameli

Infinite capacity of cyberspace can be used to extend knowledge of AhlulBayt: Dr. Ameli

According to Ahlul Byat News Agency – ABNA – the first The International Conference on Capacity and Impact of cyberspace in Promoting Religious Education was held today in Qom. On the first day, Dr. Sayyed SaeidReza Ameli delivered a speech on cyberspace as a great capacity for teaching Islamic sciences.

He considered cyberspace a better and newer tunnel through which Islam can be spread and taught to the world.

“we have to study cyberspace morphologically, meaning that we have to consider it a whole with parts. This gives us the opportunity to consider all parts and not just describe a part as the whole, therefore we will have a thorough understanding of cyberspace. This will also enable us to see an all-inclusive image of cyberspace.” He said.

Continueing his speech, Dr. Ameli tried to offer a definition of cyberspace and said,” mostly, cyberspace is taken for granted. But we have to come up with a definition in order to understand it better. Sometimes we consider Virtual against real, meaning that virtual is unreal. Sometime we consider it as imaginary. Or sometimes we believe it is abstract which is against concrete, and sometimes intellectual against physical. And in literature we use it to mean something beyond the primay meaning we have.

Virtual as we understand it means something that refers to something tangible in the world and we use it to refer to a second world which offers us great and different capacities. To speak about its capacity, we need to consider both its technological aspects and consequences.

One of the aspects of the virtual world is translocalization. It means that all locality, nationality and internationality has lost its meaning and the world has become one through it.

Another aspect is its being dispersal. An environment to which one can connect from anywhere in the world and produce content fro anywhere in the world.

The most important aspect of it is its being digital. It has made a numerical environment in which one can express his mind concretely through algorithms and turn abstract ideas into concrete. It is in this environment where capacities of religion can be understood and considered for it is infinite.

The other aspect is its being shareable. The shareable world of virtual world can be accessed and used from anywhere and by anyone in the world. Wikipedia nad Facebook are reflecions of this aspect of the virtual world. One cannot benefit from this world with an analog mentality.

One other aspect is its being modular. The architecture of internet is modular which means different branches attached to each other. through this, all different groups from around the world can become one and perform together as one large group.

The other aspect is its being layered. There are varieties of layers of people in this environment which can be personalized

And the last aspect is integrity. This aspect enables us to create international standards”.

Dr. Ameli then refered to the capacity of divine religions which can be mentioned as follows:
All divine religions seek an international audience and have been sent for all humanity.

Divine religions are metaphysical but the virtual world is mundane in a sense. Virtual world is a limited metaphysical experience in the physical world. Virtual world is omnipresent.

Divine religions are not local and disregard sex, age, social satatus, race etc.

In the end he stressed that all these capacities of religions and virtual world can be used to spread Islamic teachings and propogate Islam as the last religion God sent to humanity.

It is noteworthy that the two-day conference will end on Friday with international scholars delivering speeches and presenting their papers.


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