Cultural Week of Qom in Lebanon - 8

Director of Nabtieh exhibition: Qom has top level, various capacities

Director of Nabtieh exhibition: Qom has top level, various capacities

This important event will be held by the aid of Qom Governerate, Iran’s cultural advisor in Lebanon, Ahlul Bayt World Assembly, and other institutions and companies in Nabtieh on April 14th until 21th.

According to Alul Bayt News Agency – ABNA – in line with cultural interaction, development of tourism and in an effort in line with Resistant Economy and development of Non-oil Export, ‘Qom’s Cultural Week in Lebanon’ will be held.

This important event will be held by the aid of Qom Governerate, Iran’s cultural advisor in Lebanon, AhlulBayt World Assembly, and other institutions and companies in Nabtieh on April 14th until 21th.

The director and executive manager of this event said, “since the responsibility of execution of the Week has been given to the cultural institution of YazdanMehr Mana, we have made two trips to Lebanon to take care of issues regarding booth allocation and planning”.

“This important event will be held by the aid of Qom Governerate, and Iran’s cultural advisor in Lebanon. Cooperation between the two parties is remarkable. A collection of promotion and cultural templates have been prepared which will be used very soon”, Sayyed Rasoul Mousavi Nejadian added.

Speaking to ABNA reporter, he said, “booth in regards with culture, art, tourism, holy shrine, the holy mosque of Jamkaran, municipality of Qom, cultural heritage, General Office for Culture and Islamic Guidance, and other organizations have been allocated. A limited number of the booths are allocated to present the economic capabilities of Qom. We hope there will be a great number of visitors on the opening day, which is on April 14th”.

Speaking on the importance of this event, Mousavi said, “Qom has top level and various capacities. Cultural institutions and centers in Qom are internationally well-known, as well as tourism and handicrafts. In this event, active groups in tourism including travel agency managers, hotel owners and active groups in art and culture will be present in different programs including workshops, exhibitions, and live performances. Quranic performances have also been planned both inside and outside the exhibition campus”.

“the exhibition has cultural, arts, tourism, and religious parts and organizations like Ahlul Bayt World Assembly, Al-Mustafa Open University, Al-Zahra university, Oghaf, Institute for Publication of Imam Khomeini Works, and other Seminary centers will be actively present in the event. Economic parts have been also prepared to showcase the capabilities of Qom in economy”.

Speaking on the Lebanese authorities’ openness to hold the event, he said, “the Lebanese authorities have been very matter how fast-paced we are, they are always one step ahead of us and are very motivated to hold this event. We are sure that this motivation and opennes, specially from the municipality of Nabtieh, will be passed on to the public in the city”.

Finally, he spoke about cooperation of Iran’s cultural advisor in Lebanon and said, “his cooperation is excellent. Considering Mr. Shariatmadar’s mastery of cultural and art domain, he has been a great guide so far and his efforts to hold this event praiseworthy. He both has spend a lot of time for this event and has also given great comments and suggestion”.

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News of "Cultural Week of Qom in Lebanon" - in Arabic :
1. سیعقد "أسبوع قـم الثقافي" في لبنان
2. نشاطات مترقبة للمنتجين القميين في لبنان/ وكالة ابنا؛ الوكالة الراصدة لانباء اسبوع قم الثقافي في لبنان
3. بالصور/ جلسة التنسيق الإعلامي لإقامة "أسبوع قـم" الثقافي في لبنان
4. المستشار الثقافی الإیراني في بیروت يلتقي محافظ قم/ شريعتمدار: المؤسسات اللبنانية تعاونت بشكل مطلوب
5. بالصور/ محافظ قم یستقبل المستشار الثقافي الإیراني في بیروت
6. «رضایی» المدير العام للسياحة في محافظة قم: سنحضر معرض لبنان في مجالي السياحة والحرف اليدوية
7. «شریعتمدار» المستشار الثقافی الإیراني في بیروت: النبطية ستشهد عرضا لقدرات وامكانيات مدينة قم المقدسة

News of "Cultural Week of Qom in Lebanon" - in English :
1. Cultural Week of Qom will be held in Lebanon
2. Manufacturers from Qom to become active in Lebanon/ ABNA; media arm for Cultural Week
3. Photos: Media coordination meeting of Cultural Week of Qom in Lebanon
4. Iran’s cultural advisor in Lebanon meets with Qom’s Governor
5. Photos: Iran’s cultural advisor in Lebanon met with Qom’s officials
6. Director General of Tourism in Qom: We will be present in Lebanon regarding tourism, handicrafts
7. Iran’s Cultural Advisor in Lebanon: Fascilities and capabilities of Qom will be showcased in Nabtieh
8. Director of Nabtieh exhibition: Qom has top level, various capacities 
9. Al-Zahraa University will be present in both “Seminary”, “Academic” areas in Qom’s Cultural Week

News of "Cultural Week of Qom in Lebanon" - in Persian :
1. "هفته فرهنگی قـم" در لبنان برگزار می‌شود
2. تولیدکنندگان قم در لبنان فعال می شوند/ خبرگزاری ابنا؛ بازوی رسانه ای "هفته فرهنگی ـ اقتصادی قم در لبنان"
3. گزارش تصویری/ جلسه هماهنگی رسانه ای "هفته فرهنگی قـم در لبنان" 
4. دیدار رایزن فرهنگی در لبنان با استاندار قم/ شریعتمدار: نهادهای مختلف لبنانی همکاری خوبی داشته اند
5. گزارش تصویری/ دیدار رایزن فرهنگی ایران در لبنان با مسؤولان استان قم
6. «رضایی» مدیرکل میراث فرهنگی قم: در بخش گردشگری و صنایع دستی در لبنان حضور پیدا خواهیم کرد
7. «شریعتمدار» رایزن فرهنگی ایران در لبنان: امکانات و توانمندی‌های قم در نبطیه به نمایش گذاشته خواهد شد
8. «موسوی نژادیان» مدیر نمایشگاه نبطیه: شهر قـم ظرفیت های متعدد و متنوعی در بالاترین سطح دارد
9. «مدنی» مدیر جامعة الزهرا‌ء(س): مزیت‌های نسبی قم در فرهنگ و اقتصاد به نمایش گذاشته شود
10. عکس خبری/ اولین نشست صمیمی مسؤولان کانال های تلگرامی خبری استان قم با موضوع هفته فرهنگی

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