Astan Quds Razavi introduced book "Al-Imam Musa ibn-i Ja'far, Shamsun fi Zolomat al-Sojun"

Astan Quds Razavi introduced book

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - Coincident with Zi al-Hajjah 20, on birthday anniversary of Imam Musa ibn-i Ja'far al-Kazim (A.S.), the Islamic Research Foundation of Astan Quds Razavi introduced the book "Al-Imam Musa ibn-i Ja'far, Shamsun fi Zolomat al-Sojun" and offered it to the enthusiasts.

Astan Quds Razavi’s Islamic Research Foundation has published so far more than 220 works on the subject of the Infallibles (A.S.) and their stories. The book, "Al-Imam Musa ibn-i Ja'far, Shamsun fi Zolomat al-Sojun" is one of the works produced and issued on this subject.

This book depicts the first period of the Abbasid caliphate, the dark prison of the seventh Imam of the Shiites, Musa ibn-i Ja'far (A.S.), and the shinning of the guidance on the Islamic nation.

The subject of this book is illustrating the life of Imam Musa Kazim (A.S.) and the purpose with writing the present work, written in Arabic language, is to familiarize the audience with the story of the seventh leader of the Shiites and the Abbasids’ political situation.

Besides dealing with the political and social conditions of the Abbasids and their efforts to prevent the spread of the Shiite thought, the book also explains the personal life and struggles of Imam Musa Kazim (A.S.) as well as his religious and political activities in keeping alive the real Islam and training sincere and faithful disciples.

This valuable work has been compiled by Adel Abdul Rahman Badri, produced in Vaziri size with circulation of 1500 copies.

“A Selection from the Fourteen Shining Stars, Imam Kazim (A.S.), Imam Reza (A.S.), and Imam Jawad (A.S.)” is the name of another book that has been written in English with the subject of history and the conduct of the Infallibles (A.S.).

This work, which is the English translation of the book “The Fourteen Stars” written by the late Professor Ahmadi Birjandi, gives a brief overview of the life of Imam Kazim (A.S.), Imam Reza (A.S.) and Imam Hadi (A.S.).

This work has been published in a thousand copies and has been translated by Ahmad Rezvani.


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