"Cultural Week of Qom" in Lebanon - 2

Manufacturers from Qom to become active in Lebanon/ ABNA, media arm for “Cultural Week of Qom”

Coordinating meeting of "Cultural Week of Qom" in Lebanon was held in Qom at the hall of meetings of the Cultural Deputy of AhlulBayt World Assembly in Qom.

According to Ahlul Bayt World Assembly (A) – ABNA – in line with Resistant Economy and Development of non-oil export, the event “Cultural Week of Qom” will be held in Lebanon.

Through the Iran’s cultural advisors’s efforts in Beirut, this event will be held on April 14th to 21st in the city of “Nabtieh” by the aid of Provincial Government of Qom and cultural and economical institutions in Qom.

The active presense of economic and cultural sectors and producers in this event will lead to job creation and will prevent the closure of the production units.

Considering its cultural and media capabilities, Ahlul Bayt World Assembly (A) will also cooperate with Qom governerate in holding this event.

Thus, the meeting for media coordination was held on Wednesday, March 14th in the office of Deputy of cultural affairs in Ahlul Bayt World Assembly (A) in Qom.

*Media needs to support this important cultural and economical event

In this meeting Deputy Governor pointed out the necessity of enriching the Muslims around the world economically and said, “Ahlul Bayt World Assembly which has connections with the Shiite all around the world can take special measures to improve the economic state of the followers of the Ahlul Bayt (A)”.

“Today, there are great cultural and economical capacities in Qom and if these capacities be linked with the target audience abroad, it will benefit both parties”, Unes Alipoor continued.

Stressing on the media’s role in the success of this event, he said, “given that ABNA is a multi-lingual news agency, we have decided that ABNA be the media medium for this event”.

He also announced that the governerate will have many meetings with media, papers, and different TV channel directors before the event so that the would support this important event.

*The Media can be the drive to investment and economical activities

In this meeting, the coordinator of cultural affairs for pilgrims in Qom province presented a report of the preliminary actions taken in order to hold this event and spoke about the different committees which have been formed.

Pointing out at the efoorts made by Islamic Republic’s counseling office in Beirut and cooperation of different institutions with this event, Hadi Salehi Aref said, “after the meeting with Ayatollah Akhtari, the Ahlul Bayt World Assembly’s Secretary-General, it was determined that the media responsibilities be given to ahlul Bayt News Agency – ABNA. Lebanese media will also take part in the event and we will use their best capacities”.

Salehi Aref then stressed on the necessity of using the media grounds in Qom in order to cover this week and said, “by the aid of Iran’s cultural advisor in Beirut and the municipality of Nabtieh, we have already started sending our equipment and a team is already deployed to Lebanon”.

He then pointed out at the Western countries’ activities in Lebanon and considered investment in this country a major benefit for Iranian manufacturers and said that the media can be a medium by which investors can be encouraged to take economic actions.

In the end, salehi said, “in the exhibition for this event, there will be a section allocated for publications and many cultural products and books will be introduced there”.

*There is ground for economic development in all Middle-Eastern countries

Hujjat al-Islam Sayyed Alireza Hussaini Aref appreciated the Governerate’s actions and said, “legitimate wealth-producing efforts have been strongly adviced by our religion”.

He then quoted the Holy Prophet and said,” if people cannot meet their financial needs and struggle in poverty, one cannot expect them to be firm believers”.

President of ABNA News Agency announced that ABNA is fully prepared for all types of cooperation, and the suggested, “it’s better if the news agencies start their activities before the event so that all related news will be covered perfectly”.

He then said,” two of ABNA’s staff will be sent to Lebanon as reporters and photographers. The provided news by these dear colleagues will be translated both into Arabic and English”.

ABNA chief editor then spoke about the necessity of investment in economical projects and said, “Lebanon, just like most countries in the region, needs our products, and in case of investment by investors from Qom, Lebanese will definitely welcome them and their products”.

Aref then added, “today, the youth in Iran suffer from unemployment. One solution to this problem is by reaching for markets abroad”.

* The Assembly’s products introduce Shia Islam in different languages

Following Hujjat al-Islam Aref’s remarks, Mohammad Javad Khorsandi said, “besides ABNA, the Assembly will have a booth in the exhibition for this week-long event and the its publications in several languages will be presented there”.

“so far, some books have been sent to Lebanon and many other books will be sent to the exhibition through the Assembly’s office in Lebanon”, he added.

Ahlul Bayt World Assembly’s Cultural Affairs’ director also stated,” we have to try to both introduce Qom and the Shia Islam in this week-long event”.

He also announced that “Saghalien Sattelite Channel” is ready to help in media affairs during the event.

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