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"Cultural Week of Qom" will be held in Lebanon

"Cultural Week of Qom" will be a great starting point for exchange between Qom in Lebanon.

According to Ahlul Bayt World Assembly’s news agency – ABNA – in an effort in line with Resistant Economy and Development of non-oil export, the "Cultural Week of Qom" will be held in Lebanon.

This important event will be held on April 14th to 21st in the city of “Nabtieh” by the aid of Provincial Government of Qom and cultural and economical institutions in Qom.

Deputy governor of qom in the meeting of the staff explained in detail about the measures taken to hold this event.

“Unes Alipoor” stated that in order to hold this event there have been many negotiations and meetings with authorities and prominent figures. He then added, “everything has gone swimingly so far and we hope to harvest great results from this event”.

The former president of Organization of Industry, Mine and Trade of Qom stressed on total coordination between the organizations responsible for holding this event, and said, “the Lebanese party is compeletly ready for the event and they have mustered all their strength to hold this event perfectly”.

He also mentioned the city of Nabtieh as the location of the event and said, “this area in Lebanon is outstanding in all aspects and included all the fascilities we need to hold the event as expcted”.

“Organizations in Qom must use this opportunity to present their capabilities and capacities in regards with culture and economy. This event is a great starting point for exchange between Qom in Lebanon”, Alipoor Added.

The active presense of economic and cultural sectors and producers in this event will lead to job creation and will prevent the closure of the production units.

Considering its cultural and media capabilities, Ahlul Bayt World Assembly (A) will also cooperate with Qom governerate in holding this event.

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