Russia not seeking confrontation with other powers: Putin

Russia not seeking confrontation with other powers: Putin

The Russian president said at the United Russia party's congress on Saturday that Moscow will build relations with the Western and Eastern partners on the principles of mutual trust.

(AhlulBayt News Agency) - Delivering a speech at the meeting, Vladimir Putin said that the sovereignty resting on the power of the army and the naval forces can ensure the stable development of Russia.

"Our might is directed against external threats, including terrorism. We do not seek and will not seek confrontation with anyone, we will continue our open and honest foreign policy," the Russian leader has pointed out.

Putin went on to note that Moscow will keep boosting the Eurasian economic union and propose the creation of a broader integrational project that would include the western and eastern countries. He added that Russian authorities are ready to work with all the states that look for cooperation on the principles of "trust and equality."

Speaking of the goals that the Russian government has set, Vladimir Putin said that they could be only achieved through national unity and consent.

"We will never sacrifice the security of our citizens and the national interests of our people," the Russian president underscored, adding that the government should focus on the protection of the rights and freedoms of people.

Vladimir Putin also added that Russia should further develop the mechanisms of direct democracy and to treat the political opposition with respect.

Russia has managed to overcome negative tendencies in economy, demography and social, Putin stressed, despite those hurdles were "seemingly insurmountable." Still, the government is facing challenges in the social and educational spheres that it will have to deal with.

"Now Russia has exited from a recession, we have reached a stage of stable economic growth, and, based on economic growth, growth in labor productivity, we must target poverty, do this the way we targeted inflation."

Vladimir Putin has praised the achievements of the Russian government and the United Russia party in the development of the country. However, he noted that the further work is needed to secure the stable development of the country.

"There are a lot of important, principal, urgent matters, and everything that has already been done is just a foundation, but not a guarantee of the further successful development," Putin said, stressing that the future of Russia's development will depend on the state's ability to ensure changes, to protect and multiply the achievements.

The United Russia party has recently spoken out of its support for Vladimir Putin's candidacy in the upcoming presidential election after he announced his decision to take part in the race as an independent contestant.


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